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Hollywood, CA
( 917 ) 4 0 9 – 7 2 9 4

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Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue   Height: 6′ 4″   Weight: 185 lbs
Ethnicity: White   Union: Non-Union


In the Words of the Father, Abusive Father (Lead) (short film)
Shaun Lichti, wr. and dir.; Fresno, CA

Collier & Co.—Hot Pursuit!, Card player (theatrical feature)
John Schneider, wr. and dir.; Los Angeles, CA

Horror Minute, Bad guy (Lead) (commercial short film for VODAFONE)
Jill Monroe, wr. and dir.; Los Angeles, CA

Falling Man, Puzzle man (commercial short film for DIESEL JEANS)
John Bandar, wr. and dir.; New York, NY


Soap Opera and Strings, various characters (Leads)
Tom Hill, wr. & dir.; The Complex, Hollywood CA (Equity waiver)

Happy Birthday to Me, young John Bean (Lead)
Tom Hill, wr.; Clinton Oie, dir.; The Complex, Hollywood CA (Equity waiver)

The Good Doctor, Geronte & Thibeau (Leads)
Moliere, wr.; Russell Gerard, dir.; Playhouse of the Foothills, Tujunga CA

Hollyweird Casting, Wes Wyler and Inspector Blatt(Leads)
Steve Oakes, wr. & dir.; Playhouse of the Foothills, Tujunga CA

The Stingiest Man in Town (musical of Scrooge), Bob Cratchett (Lead)
Dickens, wr.; Jeff Summers, dir.; Audience in the Round Theatre, Pasadena CA

The World According to Job, Friend
Georgene Pettygrove, wr. & dir.; Calvary Temple, Minneapolis MN

Hamlet, Hamlet (Lead)
Shakespeare, wr.; Richard Anderson, dir.; Wayzata Sr. High, Wayzata MN


Barry McGuire, Interviewer & Producer, feature news story
Joni Earickson Tada, Interviewer & Producer, feature news story
Police Chaplains: Clergy in the Line of Fire, Interviewer & Producer, feature news story
Rejoice program; regional talk/variety show; KITN TV 29, Minneapolis MN


KUXL AM, Minneapolis MN; D.J. and News Anchor; KTCR FM, Minneapolis MN; D.J.; KJNP AM, Fairbanks AK; D.J. and News Anchor; KKBT FM 92.3, Los Angeles, CA; News, Voice-over


Fair Credit Reporting Act, Spokesperson
Master Video Productions, Edina; Credit Management Assoc, Minneapolis MN

ITVA Membership Drive, Spokesperson
American Productions, Minneapolis; International TV Assoc, Minneapolis MN


Motorcycle riding  /  Horseback riding  /  Sailing  /  Firearms  /  TV and Film producing and crew experience


SHIRT: 16 neck  / 36 sleeve “Large Tall”   PANTS: 32 waist / 33 inseam
COAT: 42 Extra Long   HAT: 7¼   SHOE: 13

Michael R. Barnard

Michael R Barnard - suit

Michael R Barnard – suit


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