My bumpy road through “Hollywood” – PALLION THE YOUNG STALLION spec script for BoJack Horseman

My favorite show on Netflix is BoJack Horseman, which reveals a lot about me, since it’s a show about an emotionally dysfunctional has-been in Hollywood. So, back in January 2018, I was motivated to write a spec script for the show. I thought maybe I could replay the events decades earlier, described in “My Bumpy … Continue reading My bumpy road through “Hollywood” – PALLION THE YOUNG STALLION spec script for BoJack Horseman

My Bumpy Road Through “Hollywood” — Starting Over. Again.

Since Middle School, I have been a writer, and was the editor of my school paper in Ninth Grade. I began in television in high school and became producer and writer for the New Year’s Eve variety program “CELEBRATION” which aired on network affiliate TV stations in Minneapolis for several years. I then helped build … Continue reading My Bumpy Road Through “Hollywood” — Starting Over. Again.

The cost of asses-in-seats

Here's what I think specifically about MARKETING LOW-BUDGET INDIE FEATURE FILMS (NARRATIVE FICTION). This is an effort to help visualize the numbers needed for this new world of filmmakers becoming responsible for their own direct distribution. For a successful low-budget indie feature film, it is reasonable to expect an audience of approximately one million people … Continue reading The cost of asses-in-seats

GLOSSARY for the film/TV industry

GLOSSARY of terms for the film/TV industry. This is a work in progress. Comments and suggestions welcomed. A-list — The very best; the highest quality. Usually describes top talent. [Source:] above-the-line or above-the-line expenses/costs — Expenses incurred before production begins, including acquisition of the story rights or a project from another company; fees paid … Continue reading GLOSSARY for the film/TV industry