My Bumpy Road through “Hollywood” — THE BLENDED SCREENS: WHY SHORT FILMS?

Above the common question “How long is a short film?*” should be the more significant question, “Why a short film?”

Good short films are enjoyable and moving, with stories that can have an impact as strong as good feature-length films or powerful TV series. You can laugh, cry, and be inspired watching a good short film.

But, why a short film? Long considered a sad attempt to mimic the more robust and legitimate feature length film, shorts have often been given … well … short shrift.

Those were the old days.

Today, the entire environment of content, what I term “The Blended Screens,” is changing.

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FILM/TV Job Search Tools


BASELINE Studio System / $1,500 per year (discounted rate)

BTL News’ Find Film Work / $10.00 per month

Mercury Report / $52.00 per month

Producton Alert / $130.00 per quarter

Production Leads  / $299.00 per quarter

Production Weekly / $59.95 per month

Worldwide Production News / $50.00 per month


The following list of websites may help you with job searching. 

Craigslist (New York or Los Angeles, under “jobs | tv/film/video/radio jobs”)
Do you know of a site that would be helpful and could be added to the list? Have you found a bad link or a problem? Post a comment below with the information.