Equity Crowdfunding is dead for us. What’s next?

DEAD CAR Photo by Kristian Karlsson

DEAD CAR Photo by Kristian Karlsson

If you remember that there once was a glimmer of hope for more sustainable financing for innovative small business (and, for my concern, an indie film industry) through “Equity Crowdfunding” as demanded by the JOBS Act of 2012, the fact is that it’s not going to happen. It’s already far past the Act’s imposed deadlines because the concept is anathema to the entrenched and self-interested bureaucracy.
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There’s a fine line between exploitation and opportunity in the film industry. [UPDATED AGAIN!]

There has been a battle going on in Hollywood for a while now that threatens to upset one of the premises of the entire film industry. You might think it must be about digital disruption, but it’s not. Is it about 3D? No. Maybe it’s about lack of creativity in an industry swollen with sequels, prequels, and comic book heroes. Nope. Is it about Steven Spielberg’s prediction that a few mega-flops will likely destroy Hollywood? Nope.

It’s all about who will get coffee for the producers. The unpaid intern.

If you have a driving passion to break into the industry (and who doesn’t? You wouldn’t be reading my blog if you didn’t.), there are few ways to do it. The Number One best, most reliable, undeniably greatest way to break into Hollywood? Become an unpaid intern.

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FILM/TV Job Search Tools


BASELINE Studio System / $1,500 per year (discounted rate)

BTL News’ Find Film Work / $10.00 per month

Mercury Report / $52.00 per month

Producton Alert / $130.00 per quarter

Production Leads  / $299.00 per quarter

Production Weekly / $59.95 per month

Worldwide Production News / $50.00 per month


The following list of websites may help you with job searching. 

Craigslist (New York or Los Angeles, under “jobs | tv/film/video/radio jobs”)
Do you know of a site that would be helpful and could be added to the list? Have you found a bad link or a problem? Post a comment below with the information.