The USA long ago outgrew the two party system.

We need to make our system more accessible to legitimately competitive political parties. (The “third-party” concept that we have today is universally acknowledged as ineffective, merely “a statement” to be made.) Our current political malaise is the result of trying to shoehorn the realities of diversity and prejudice in the USA into only two ages-old prominent parties.

We watched the Tea Party devour the Republican Party. It was the zombie apocalypse consuming the brains of the Republicans.

We watched the schism caused by Bernie entering the Democratic Party, destroying unity, allowing the takeover of America by the despot Trump.

These are not normal times. Political assumptions of pre-2016 are invalid. Our world has changed. Our diversity and prejudices are multiples beyond what they were as our political system evolved. The shoehorn approach resulted in this illegitimate regime. Our society has been severely damaged by anti-intelligence and pro-demagoguery forces. We might, or might not, survive. If we survive, we need a new paradigm. The status quo, the learning of Poli Sci, is now challenged.

Trying to integrate all elements into just two parties has caused damage to modern America, and, as of 2016, brought about the impending demise of our democracy.

There needs to be a new path to create at least two additional parties of similar power. There needs to be a structure established by our representatives to encourage such restructuring and funding.

Of course, that won’t happen. Our representatives are hyper-polarized and too often in lockstep outside personal morality and vision.

So … how can citizens work to form vibrant, competitive parties to increase compatible choices and reduce the risk of another despot assuming power?

It is clear that what’s left of the Republican Party would benefit from the unity resulting from excising the Tea Party into a legitimate party of its own.

Likewise, the Democratic Party would benefit from the unity resulting from excising the Bernie branch into a legitimate party of its own.

Background: The common thinking of “left wing” and “right wing” is centuries old, originating in the French Revolution. In organizational meetings, the conservative aristocrats sat on the right, wanting the traditional order and hierarchy, and the commoners sat on the left, wanting liberty, equality, and a Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen.

We no longer can tolerate the image of the 1700s imposed on us even today that delineates society into merely two wings.

This is wrong. This is destructive.

We must expand the parties. We must have divorces, with property settlements, and this should have happened long ago. Like bad marriages, each party’s attempt to “stay together for the kids’ sake” ultimately was a horrible and destructive move, resulting in the Trump Reich.

If the USA survives this era, going forward we must have political competition that matches the power of competition that built this country.

It would be great to brainstorm this.

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